Gigflex: Geo-Intelligent Scheduling

Larry Schwartz, Co-Founder & CEO, GigFlex LLC
Larry Schwartz, Co-Founder & CEO, <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>GigFlex LLC</a>

Larry Schwartz, Co-Founder & CEO, GigFlex LLC

GigFlex’s transformative Geo-Intelligent SchedulingTM & Communications technology helps workforce administrators optimize worker utilization, performance and retention in several key industries including home healthcare and special events.

Geo-Intelligent Scheduling for Home Healthcare & Hospice Providers

GigFlex helps providers get the right clinician to the right patient at the right location at the right time, by turbocharging existing scheduling systems with geo-intelligent dispatching capability. GigFlex anticipates when scheduling issues will occur (e.g. when a clinician calls in sick or is caught in traffic and won’t make a scheduled appointment on time), automatically identifies the optimal solution - e.g. identifies the best alternate clinician(s) who can take the appointment (based on their skills, past patient experience, location and other configurable criteria), and automatically notifies the patient of any change of clinician or scheduled time of their appointment). GigFlex can significantly improve clinician utilization, by optimizing schedules to minimize commute times. GigFlex also empowers clinicians with a mobile app that provides real-time schedule-route optimization to improve appointment-time adherence, and includes automated electronic visit verification (EVV) and mileage reimbursement tracking, and empowers clinicians with the ability to self-schedule appointments anywhere/anytime that match their skills, work-hour and location preferences.  

GigFlex technology can also be used to optimize “Covid-Era” patient-care through the effective integration of telemedicine and home healthcare. For example, if a patient schedules a telemedicine appointment, GigFlex can be used to automatically schedule a clinician to come to the home to do an appointment pre-screening, and if the telemedicine doctor orders a post-appointment blood test, GigFlex can automatically dispatch a phlebotomist to the patient’s home to take a blood sample and deliver it to a test lab for analysis. In other words, GigFlex can enable the delivery of the same quality-of-care a patient receives at a doctor’s office, without the patient ever having to leave home.

GigFlex is taking clinician empowerment to the next level with the introduction of CareHudl, a ­freeware Geo-Intelligent Communications APP mobile app (downloadable from the Apple App Store or Google Playstore beginning Q1 2021) that provides clinicians with secure, on-demand HIPAA-compliant video consulting and messaging capabilities. For example, a clinician who has a question   about the best type of wound dressing to use for a patient can instantly set up a video conference to consult with a colleague. If the colleague does not have the CareHudl app,he or she will receive a text message with a link to click on to join the video conference. The app also includes an augmented reality ruler so that the colleague can see the size of the wound, and secure messaging to enable private clinician-colleague communications in the presence of the patient.

Patients will also be able to use CareHudl to contact their clinician if they have questions about their treatment, exercises or medications. Clinicians can also set up prescription reminders for their patients, so that patients automatically get a message when it is time to take a particular prescription, and can confirm with the clinician that they have done so. If a confirmation is not received, Carehudl can automatically notify the clinician and/or a patient’s relative so that a timely follow-up with the patient can occur.

For Special Event Operators

GigFlex helps operators optimize event security and worker utilization by ensuring that workers are at the right location at the right time. GigFlex Geo-intelligent tracking technology provides administrators with the ability to track the location of each worker while on-site, and can quickly identify when an assignment is unmanned or if a worker is at a location different from that to which they have been assigned at any time. GigFlex helps optimize worker assignments by ensuring that critical positions are staffed first, and that they are staffed by workers that have the required skills for that particular assignment. The GigFlex mobile app enables workers to receive shift assignment reminders, automatically check in upon arrival at the site, and have their daily position location assignment(s) downloaded directly to their phone. Details regarding specific duties can be accessed by a simple click, and workers can easily communicate with administrators through a built-in messaging app. This can be particularly valuable for special events like tennis/golf tournaments, arena events and marathons that utilize large numbers of volunteer workers.