Solving Key Challenges and Delivering Home Care Providers a Competitive Edge

Scott Zielski, CEO, SMARTcare Software
Scott Zielski, CEO, <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>SMARTcare Software</a>

Scott Zielski, CEO, SMARTcare Software

The aging population in the U.S. is rapidly expanding. Adult children are now living (on average) over 280 miles from their parents, and the need for delivering care outside healthcare facilities has become a must as facility-based costs rapidly increase. Home healthcare and home care service providers across the nation are struggling to address this exponential new demand, while at the same time striving to solve some of the biggest challenges they have faced in recent years.

Some of the key challenges currently being faced include:

• Attracting and retaining caregivers

• Increasing the number of clients/patients

• Improving the client/patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction)

• Automating sales and marketing

• Becoming more profitable/keeping cash flow at a sustainable level.

These challenges all relate to home care providers needing to adapt and become more efficient in the face of increasing demand and constant change. The answer to the question 'How can they do that?' is one simple word: Technology.

How SMARTcare software makes a difference

While technology can be utilized to improve efficiencies across the board, not all technology is created equal.

SMARTcare has created home care's most comprehensive organic platform, delivering a robust, highly configurable platform to solve the challenges that home care providers face.The SMARTcare platform leverages the latest digital technology (including AI, social, automation, and interoperability) to organize, optimize and simplify care delivery while lowering cost, saving providers time, improving overall care, and delivering an unbeatable user experience.

"Solving the biggest operational challenges in home care is exactly why SMARTcare was created. It gives providers the tools to find and retain caregivers, increase client/patient satisfaction,and become more profitable," comments Zielski. "Collaborating with leading home care providers across the U.S., our team continues to challenge the norm through continued innovation that enables home care's best practices. All to give home care the most advanced and complete system available in the market."

How SMARTcare is solving key challenges for home care providers

1. Attracting and retaining caregivers

Staff turnover in the homecare industry is at an all-time high, with an average turnover rate of 64%–80% annually. This has become the number one challenge plaguing home care agencies in the U.S. and is a critical factor affecting their growth, profitability, and overall success.

SMARTcare software has a streamlined, digital applicant management and HR suite embedded in it, designed exclusively for the home care market, making a substantial difference to turning applicants into employees and tracking referral sources. The system empowers home care providers with the capability to engage, recruit and retain high-quality caregivers.

Designed for mobile and remote care operations with the mobile app, the software also includes functionality that can be used to engage caregivers – providing them with mobile point-of-care platform, engagement, and loyalty tools – proven to make all the difference to caregiver job satisfaction and retention levels. Higher satisfaction and outcome levels can be achieved when home care providers use a system that promotes the patient/caregiver experience. SMARTcare customers are seeing 2–3 times industry averages as a result.

2. Increasing the number of clients/patients

A recent home care industry study reported that a critical factor and strategic priority for most home care providers is 'to increase the number of clients.' To be successful in a highly competitive market isn't just about streamlining back-office functions; providers also need to be continuously finding and adding new clients.

SMARTcare's software incorporates advanced CRM and sales and marketing tools that are designed specifically for home care. It supports providers in managing prospects, developing referral partners and building their business – saving the integration and cost issues they typically have to contend withwhen using third-party sales and marketing tools.

In addition, providers can track how clients learn about their services, the volume from each source, acquisition cost, and conversion rates – helping them to identify their ideal customer channels. Collecting and reporting data on client information in this meaningful way, knowing precisely which avenues are best to invest in, helps drive informed business decisions and effectively grow a solid client base.

3. Improving the client/patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction)

The best home care providers know the value of relationships between caregivers, patients, and their families, and how collaboration directly affects customer satisfaction levels, caregiver retention, and overall business success.

SMARTcare uses connected technologies to enable home care providers to coordinate and simplify care delivery, including:

• managing the entire home continuum of care

• organizing care provider operations

• gathering insights from home care data

• delivering predictive analytics to reduce re-admissions and improve patient outcomes.

In addition, the ML-backed SMARTcare platform includes advanced intelligence that enables home care providers to carefully match caregivers with patients – based on personality type, patient preferences, training needs, certification requirements and other customizable traits.

SMARTcare is the industry's only enhanced engagement platform for caregivers, patients, and their family members, all accessible through familiar mobile devices. The user-friendly family portal and family apps empower patients and their families with the abilityto engage, track and manage caregivers – all configurable to the providers' communication policies.

Using SMARTcare's mobile apps, home care providers report spending 64% less time on administrative tasks, eliminating 96% of the paperwork, freeing them up to spend more time on improving their care quality and client/patient satisfaction.

Automating sales and marketing

Sales and marketing tools have become essential components with the home care market experiencing increased competition and rising demand for services. To excel in this highly competitive market, top home care providers realize they must take a disciplined sales and marketing approach.

Generic, off-the-shelf CRM and sales automation solutions can be overly costly and don't always meet home care's specific needs. Leading home care providers have discovered the secret to finding caregivers and clients faster is to take advantage of the sales and marketing solutions designed specifically for their market.

SMARTcare's software is at the forefront, incorporating a complete, cutting-edge CRM and sales/marketing automation tool package designed specifically for home care. It comes complete with a sales pipeline system that enables providers to access everything they need to win more clients, build strong relationships with referral sources, and gain insights into the effectiveness of different channels in specific areas. It can play a vital role in profitable business growth.

All interoperable as part of a single platform, providers can save the cost and integration hassles commonly experienced when using third-party tools.

Easy implementation, on-going support

An additional challenge, cited by many home care providers, is keeping up with advances in technology and the high cost of implementing or updating software.

Using advanced innovation and best-practice workflows, SMARTcare addresses these issues, simplifying home care systems and equipping providers with a single intuitive platform. The platform is incredibly simple to use, with a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface. No special training is required, anda dedicated customer success team is always available (24/7) to help.

Whether an agency wants to switch from another software platform or to set up as a first enterprise home care solution, SMARTcare has made the transition process extremely straightforward. Using its Six-sigma implementation process, the entire process is guided by an expert team of support resources, guaranteeing no disruption to cash flows.

Going live with SMARTcare is a stress-free and simple process too. Once the system is live, SMARTcarecustomers can have full confidence that it will stay that way, with our 99.9999% uptime. The SMARTcare system is always there when you need it, as is our dedicated customer service team.

The most successful home care providers will be those willing to research and explore new solutions and embrace innovative technology in the years ahead. 

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